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In national sections (drop-down menu) you will find translated four handbooks of the Aggregates Planning Toolbox, which is a main project result:

  • [1]   Consulting Stakeholders when Applying Best Practices in Sustainable Aggregates Planning - prepared by Iskriva Institute
  • [2]   Data and Analysis Methodologies for Aggregates Planning: In support of best practices in Sustainable Aggregates Planning - prepared by TUC, EKBAA-IGME, TRENTO and RGF
  • [3]   A Vision of Best Practices for Aggregates Planning in South East Europe - prepared by MFGI and CGS-HGI
  • [4]   How to Build a Sustainable Aggregates Plan - prepared by ER

and a Final Publication entitled

  • The Sustainable Aggregates Planning in South East Europe: the SNAP-SEE project in glance - prepared by GeoZS

into all national languages of the SNAP-SEE project partners. English versions of the handbooks and the publication along with other SNAP-SEE materials can be downloaded in the section Public Outputs

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 Aggregates Planning Toolbox


In national sections you will also find the powerpoint presentations in English, which are translated in all partners national languages to be presented in the first and in the second round of stakeholder consultations.

The presentations are prepared by the SNAP-SEE project partners and will give you more information on different agreggates planning issues:

  • 1. SARMa and SNAP-SEE presentation - prepared by MUL and IGME,
  • 2. SSM - prepared by ER
  • 3. Legal and Regulatory overview - prepared by MFGI
  • 4. Planning data forecasts - prepared by TUC
  • 5. Recycling and Secondary Aggregate Data – prepared by TRENTO
  • 6. The future/Vision: AIS, GIS - prepared by ER
  • 6.b. A GIS Primer - short presentation on GIS that may be useful to prepend to Vision_AIS_GIS presentation if your audience is non technical - prepared by ER
  • 7. Material Flow Analysis -  prepared by MUL
  • 8. Demand Analysis - prepared by MUL
  • 9. Decision Modelling - prepared by MUL
  • 10. Green Public Procurement  – prepared by TRENTO
  • 11. additional LCA presentation - prepared by TRENTO

These 12 presentations have been discussed during the first and second project meetings. Please find those here: zipWP31_FINAL_PPTS_ENGLISH.zip26.09 MB

Translated SNAP-SEE leaflets and posters are available in the following national sections as well.

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SNAP-SEE promotional material


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