SNAP-SEE Final Conference:

International Conference on Sustainable Aggregates Planning in South East Europe

- contributions to the EU mineral policy framework - 

22 - 24 October 2014
Bled, Slovenia
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Overview of the Conference                                                                          

The partner institutions of the Sustainable Aggregates Planning in South East Europe project (SNAP-SEE) recognized that some countries in the region do not practice sustainable aggregates management and do not ensure a sustainable supply of aggregates to their economies. This can hinder resource efficiency and economic development, and potentially lead to greater negative environmental and social impacts. More consistent, integrated, resource efficient aggregates planning at the national/regional scales, increased knowledge capacity of authorities, civil society, industry and experts and the creation of long-lasting transnational, national and regional networks on aggregates were a direct response to tackle these challenges.

The goal of the Conference was to share the results of SNAP-SEE and place those results in the context of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials’ call for an improved minerals policy framework. Participants has:

  • heared from numerous invited experts on aggregates and minerals planning and policy in Europe,
  • been invited to engage in a dialogue on how to enhance EU efforts to upgrade and coordinate national mineral plans, permitting and reporting policies to ease the access to mineral resources, and
  • offered a more transparent and participative exchange of ideas with involved stakeholders.
The Conference invited all stakeholders from the field: governments, planning and permitting authorities, other representatives of public and private sector, especially aggregates and other mineral companies and associations, NGOs and all other stakeholders interested in minerals planning and policy.
Organized by: 
Geological Survey oSlovenia Montanuniversität Leoben    Institute Iskriva
Dimičeva ulica 14 Franz-Joseph-Strasse 18 Reteče 215
SI - 1000 Ljubljana A - 8700 Leoben SI - 4220 Škofja Loka

Event Venue                                                                                                                                                                 

hotel park  Hotel Park - location
Hotel Park, Bled
  Event venue – geographic location (google.maps)
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Presentations (in alphabetical order):


The two days of the International Conference gathered over 70 participants from 17 countries. On the third day a field trip was organized and the participants visited a small town of Jesenice with its long-lasting tradition of steel producing, Kranjska Gora, Planica (ski jumps) and Zelenci wetland, a spring of Sava River. Some images from the Conference and from the field trip please find below.


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