The SNAP-SEE toolbox is the major acchievement of the project. You can download English version of 4 manuals and SNAP-SEE promotional publication below. All materials will be translated to all national languages, and will be available in national sections soon.



 pdfThe_SNAP-SEE_project_in_glance.pdf1.88 MB       - SNAP-SEE Final Publication, WP2 Output


Other SNAP-SEE MATERIALS to download:


    • Project activity deliverables:

pdfSNAP-SEE_proceedings.pdf18.34 MB Conference proceedings book, deliverable of the activity 2.3
zipWP31_FINAL_PPTS_ENGLISH 3.zip19.1 MB Materials for stakeholder consultations, deliverable of the activity 3.1
pdfDATADICTIONARY_EKBAA-IGME.pdf629.81 KB Data Dictionary, deliverable of the activity 4.1
pdfMSA_version_v5.pdf2.93 MB Multi Sectoral Analisys, deliverable of the activity 5.1

    • SNAP-SEE Leaflets in English:

pdfSNAP-SEE_leaflet.pdf5 MB Leaflet for you to download and print
pdfSNAP-SEE_poster_A0.pdf17.83 MB Poster for you to download and print in A0 size
pdfSNAP-SEE_brochure_ENG_web.pdf1.19 MB Brochure for you to download and print

    • SNAP-SEE Leaflets in partner languages:
In Albanian by Geological Survey of Albania
In German by Montanuniversität Leoben
In Croatian by Croatian Geological Survey
In Greek by National Center for Sustainable Development
In Greek by Technical University of Crete
In Italian by Emilia-Romagna Region 
- Environment, Soil and Coast Defence Department
In Romanian by National Institute for Research-Development in 
domain of Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Remote sensing
In Serbian by University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology
In Slovene language by Geological Survey of Slovenia
In Hungarian language by Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary
In Croatian language by Ministry of Economic Affairs of Herzegbosnian Canton
In Italian by Emilia-Romagna Region and Autonomous province of Trento
In Montenegrin by Geological Survey of Montenegro
In Slovak language by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic
In Italian by Emilia-Romagna Region for national stakeholder consultations
    • SNAP-SEE Newsletters:
 English electronic version of the first SNAP-SEE Newsletter,
 presenting the SNAP-SEE project, work packages and project meetings
 English electronic version of the second SNAP-SEE Newsletter,
 presenting the work on the project and first round of stakeholder consultations
 English electronic version of the third SNAP-SEE Newsletter,
 presenting the work on the project and SNAP-SEE stakeholder consultations
    • SNAP-SEE Promotional Videos:                 SNAP-SEE Video - PART I --> 1st Project Promotional Video                   SNAP-SEE Video - PART II --> 2nd Project Promotional Video

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