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The Third SNAP-SEE Newsletter

3rd SNAP-SEE Newsletter, June 2014

15th July 2014

The SNAP-SEE project partners have prepared the 3rd Newsletter with fresh news on the project  activities, meetings, stakeholder consultations and the 1st announcement of the SNAP-SEE International Conference, which will take place in October in Bled, Slovenia.

The electronic version of this Newsletter is interactive, which allows readers to catch the most important information at a glance while giving them the option to read more by a click. It is important to stay in touch with the SNAP-SEE stakeholders and keep them informed about ongoing project activities.

The 3rd SNAP-SEE Newsletter is now completed and available here:


3rd Newsletter

3rd SNAP-SEE Newsletter, June 2014


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SNAP-SEE Final Conference in Bled

13thJune 2014

1st announcement:

International Conference on Sustainable Aggregates Planning in South East Europe
- contributions to the EU minerals policy framework -

22nd - 24th October 2014
Bled, Slovenia


The partner institutions of the Sustainable Aggregates Planning in South East Europe project (SNAP-SEE) recognized that some countries in the region do not practice sustainable aggregates management and do not ensure a sustainable supply of aggregates to their economies. This can hinder resource efficiency and economic development, and potentially lead to greater negative environmental and social impacts. More consistent, integrated, resource efficient aggregates planning at the national/regional scales, increased knowledge capacity of authorities, civil society, industry and experts and the creation of long-lasting transnational, national and regional networks on aggregates were a direct response to tackle these challenges.

The purpose of this international conference is to share the results of SNAP-SEE and place those results in the context of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials’ call for an improved minerals policy framework. Participants will:

• hear from numerous invited experts on aggregates and minerals planning and policy in Europe,
• be invited to engage in a dialogue on how to enhance EU efforts to upgrade and coordinate national mineral plans, permitting and reporting policies to ease the access to mineral resources, and
• offer a more transparent and participative exchange of ideas with involved stakeholders.


The conference invites all stakeholders from the field: governments, planning and permitting authorities, other representatives of public and private sector, especially aggregates and other mineral companies and associations, NGOs and all other stakeholders interested in the topics of minerals planning and policy.


Call for papers and types of Presentations:

Oral (limited to 20 minutes), posters, proceedings, interactive discussions.

Important Dates:

  • 1st announcement & invitation of keynote speakers: June 2014
  • 2nd announcement & opening of registration form of participation: 1st September
  • Deadline for submission of contributions (title only): 5th September
  • Submission of abstracts & papers for the proceedings book: 30th September
  • Last call for the registration form: 1st October
  • Deadline for the registration: 10th October
  • Conference: 22-23 October
  • Field Trip: 24th October


For more information please find the SNAP-SEE conference´s First Announcement: pdf1st_announcement_SNAPSEE.pdf412.53 KB


Proceedings of the 1st Greek consultation

31st March 2014

Greek project partners IGME and TUC have prepared the Proceedings of the 1st consultation for the project SNAP-SEE »Sustainable Planning of Aggregates in Greece«. The executive summary (in English) was prepared as part of the extensive minutes of the first Greek stakeholder consultation, held on the 7th of February 2014 in Athens. This extensive summary can be found here: 



7th February 2014

The SNAP-SEE Newsletter, January 2014 prepared by project partners, presents the ongoing work on the SNAP-SEE project, the newest UEPG data, project meetings and stakeholder consultations across SEE and is now available in press section. This second interactive issue of the SNAP-SEE Newsletter is an interactive edition, which helps you to get on a specific page with a click on heading in the coverpage content.

Enjoy your reading!

14th February 2014

The Newsletter has been published on the South East Europe Programmes´ website.

Latest UEPG Annual Review

The latest Annual Review of the European Aggregates Association emphasizes UEPG maintains very constructive network links with counterpart international aggregates associations, driven by the conviction that the sharing of experience and best practice promotes a stronger and more sustainable industry globally. One of their main links in the International and European Networks is with the SNAP-SEE Project.

The UEPG Annual Review 2012 - 2013 – an overview of all its wide range of activities in the aggregates sector, including a brief description of our project, please find here: 

pdfuepg-ar2012-2013_en_inter_v14_pbp_small.pdf5.34 MB


The Waste Atlas 2013 Report

The Waste Atlas Report, released on November 13, 2013 says that more than half of the world’s population does not have access to a regular refuse collection services, according to the first global survey of waste management  - the Waste Atlas shows how the world handles its refuse. A press release by the D-Waste, a global network of experts, and its partners, with a link to The Waste Atlas is available here: 

pdfDW_Waste_Atlas_Press_Atlas_1311.pdf160.43 KB.


Strategic Implementation Plan for the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials launched

25th of September 2013

The ETP SMR (European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources) whole heartedly supports the European Commission in its European Innovation Partnership (EIP) and welcomes the issuing of the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) for the EIP on Raw Materials that was officially adopted today. More on the adoption of SIP please find here: pdfETPSMR_Press_release_SIPLaunched_25Sept2013_FINAL.pdf66.33 KB



12th of August, 2013

With a lot of help from all project partners by giving creative ideas, contributing articles, reviewing and editing the text and structure and by overall cooperation, we are happy to announce that our first joint SNAP-SEE Newsletter is completed. With an overview of the SNAP-SEE project and its development in the first phase - from the start in October to July – we are inviting you to read it here: pdfThe SNAP-SEE Newsletter_August 2013.pdf1.96 MB


Latest UEPG newsletter covers the SNAP-SEE meeting in Budva

16th of July, 2013

The UEPG newsletter EU Insight (in English) exceptionally summarising the events of May and June covers the 2nd meeting for SNAP-SEE project partners held in Budva. The artical is entitled SNAP-SEE Montenegro

You are welcome to read the newsletter: pdfEU_Insight_110_-_May-June_2013.pdf618.23 KB


SNAP-SEE session on SDIMI 2013 Conference

The SDIMI 2013 meeting was held on Milos Island, Greece between July 1 and July 3, 2013. The objective of this Conference was to assist the minerals industries in their global transition to sustainable development. At present, the focus of public perception is placed on environmental and social consequences of mining. Growing environmental and social concerns, supply chain procurement standards, as well as public pressure and regulatory measures, will profoundly shape the global mineral business in the near future. In order to cope with these challenges, the minerals community must integrate sustainable development concepts, best-practices and stakeholders participation into the technical considerations, business strategies and performance goals that are associated with all facets of mineral exploitation, from exploration to mine closure.

During the meeting a special session was dedicated to SNAP-SEE. A number of presentations were given and a lively discussion followed. Interest was great even from non-SEE and non-EU participants.

More on


SNAP-SEE presented at the SEE Annual Conference

SNAP-SEE project will be presented at the South East Europe (SEE) Programme's annual conference that will will take place on 19 June 2013 in Bucharest, Romania, Hotel Intercontinental.
Under the title "SEE achievements in view of the new programmes in the area", the conference aims to be the key territorial cooperation event in 2013 in South Eastern Europe.

This year conference will focus on the linkage between the present and future of territorial cooperation in the South East Europe area. The achievements gained by the SEE programme and projects during these years must be known and used firstly by the SEE projects but also they should be taken into consideration by the decision-makers when preparing the two new programmes in the area (Danube and South East Gateway). On the other hand, to increase the impact of the projects' achievements, synergies between projects working on the same topic should be found and capitalisation tools should be provided.

In this sense, the event will mainly be divided into two parts. The first part will focus on the future of European Territorial Cooperation in the area, including updated information about the two new programmes. The second part will explain the Thematic Capitalisation Strategy of the programme and the achievements gained by both the programme and the projects so far. In the last session, some time will be allocated to form working groups of those projects open to participate in the above-mentioned SEE Capitalisation Strategy.

The linkage between the present and the future of territorial cooperation must be ensured and the conference aims to be a forum where a mixture of political and thematic discussion will bridge the Programme results to the future challenges.

The conference aims to bring together some 400 participants, including representatives of the European Commission, new programmes' stakeholders, decision-makers and experts from the SEE countries, representatives of international organizations and academia and present and potential project developers.

The main objectives of the event are:

  • Inform and provide input about the new developments in the preparation of the two new programmes in the area: Danube and South East Gateway
  • Analyse the legacy of the current programming period to be maintained and the needed changes to be implemented in the next programming period
  • Analyse and promote the Programme's and projects' achievements up to date
  • Explain the SEE Capitalisation Strategy and the capitalisation possibilities of projects' achievements
  • Support a beneficial exchange between all projects in the SEE area, to create synergies and connections among projects
  • Provide an opportunity for several projects to present their outcomes and results, as part of an Exhibition

The conference will bring together up to 400 participants, including practitioners, representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament, government officials and experts from the SEE countries, representatives of international organizations and academia, potential project developers.

For more information about the conference visit



Link to SNAP-SEE published at the European Commission’s website

We are happy to announce that the link to the SNAP-SEE project was published at the website of the European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry, within the Raw Materials section as one of the relevant EU funded projects. Project partners believe that the project's results will be also relevant as input for the future EU minerals planning policies.

SNAP-SEE in UEPG's Newsletter

A notice about SNAP-SEE project was written by Jim O'Brien and published in February issue of EU Insight - official UEPG newsletter.

You are welcome to read the newsletter: pdfEU_Insight_107_-_February_2013.pdf317.99 KB

The European Commission launched a new European Innovation Partnership on raw materials


The European Commission has unveiled a new European Innovation Partnership (EIP) that aims to reduce Europe’s dependency on raw materials. The Partnership will bring together Member States and other stakeholders to drive innovative supply concepts and help make Europe a world leader in raw materials exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution by 2020.

Raw materials are the lifeblood of European industry, with at least 30 million jobs depending on access to them. However, much of Europe’s industry relies heavily on international markets to secure the raw materials it needs. The EIP will reduce this dependency on imports by working to improve supply conditions, source alternatives to rare materials and encourage greater resource efficiency.

The scope of the Partnership covers non-energy, non-agricultural raw materials including metals and minerals and industrial raw materials such as natural rubber, paper and wood. It will help to ensure more sustainable access for European industry to these raw materials by creating better linkages between existing policy instruments and promoting integrated value chains in the private sector. Targets for 2020 include the development of up to ten pilot plants for exploration, mining, processing, collecting and recycling, and the development of substitutes for at least three applications of critical raw materials.

The next step for the EIP is to develop a Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) after which it plans to launch a public Call for Commitments in September 2013 to allow contributions from stakeholders. A Communication is planned to be issued in October 2013.

News was published on

More info can be found on:



A notice in UEPG Newsletter

A notice about SNAP-SEE project was written by Jim O'Brien and published in October's issue of EU Insight - official UEPG newsletter.

You are welcome to read the newsletter: pdfEU_Insight_103_-_October_2012.pdf136.68 KB

SNAP-SEE in Mineral magazine

An article about SNAP-SEE project was published in Slovenian Mineral magazine (December 2012 issue).

You are very welcome to download and read it (only in Slovene).

pdfSNAP-SEE_in_Mineral_magazine.pdf841.21 KB


Subsidy Contract signed

The Subsidy Contract of SNAP-SEE project between Lead Partner (Montanuniversität Leoben) and the Managing Authority of the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme was signed on October 31st 2012.

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